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New Zealand Olympic Committee

In March 2017 we were pleased to be awarded the task of reviewing the NZOC’s annual report for the first time. We asked their Brand Manager, Alexandra Cooper, for feedback about the overall experience.

Alexandra, before enlisting Mary’s company to proofread your annual report, how did your organisation prepare annual reports, or similar-sized publications, for final release?

The proofreading was done in-house by our Communications team of two; it wasn’t an impossible task, although it did take a lot of time on top of their incredibly busy schedules. Enlisting Mary’s company meant that we could be assured there would be a dedicated and focused set of eyes on the details of our Annual Report throughout the process.

How did you find the process this year, from first booking in the work with Mary to receiving the marked-up proofs prior to print?

Overall, it was really seamless and easy. Mary was fantastic at keeping in contact, giving us regular progress updates in her lovely, pleasant way. The biggest thing I noticed was the substantial reduction in text amends once we reached the artwork stage – lowering the number of these meant we had less chance of mistakes being made in the artwork and fewer hours spent on the project by the agency.

Are there any areas you feel should be improved?

Not really – we were very happy.

Was your organisation pleased with the end result and will your team at NZOC be keen to use Mary’s services in the future?

Yes, very pleased. The proofreading service that Mary provided really assured us that our Annual Report was as professional as it needs to be, given the wide range of audiences – from Government to National Sporting Organisations and Commercial Partners. We’re thrilled with the outcome; thank you again, Mary!


Tahi Manuka Honey

New Zealand-made Tahi honey comes from hives that are ethically managed in rural Northland. The owners of Tahi have replanted more than 30 hectares of native forest and developed a similar-sized wetlands area. Where once only 20 bird species dwelled, there are now 70 species, 23 of which are rare or threatened.

Over the past few years, it has been a great pleasure to proofread Tahi’s range of packaging artwork – produced by multi-award-winning designer Jen Cheyne – together with their updated website. The colourful and intricate illustrations which appear on their packaging recognise that the return of these birds is an indicator of the positive health of this native ecosystem.